Interesting Books On Sailing

There are many different types of watercraft that can be used for entertainment and enjoyment. One of the most popular is those boats that are designed for sailing.

The Learning Process

For those who are just going on a sailing adventure as a passenger, there isn’t too much they need to learn about this. For those who are going to be operating a sailing boat, this is a different matter. They will need some type of instruction. There are different resources for this, but one that is most valuable is sailing instruction books that will help the beginner to learn more about this.

Great Sailing Books

The following are some interesting books to enjoy.

Fastnet, Force 10: The Deadliest Storm in the History of Modern Sailing

A really good read is Fastnet, Force 10: The Deadliest Storm in the History of Modern Sailing. This book is about the 1979 Fastnet Race. It takes place off the coast of Ireland and is about a 600-mile contest of sailing in Force-10 winds. Some of the best sailors in the world took part and were astounded by the great power of the ocean. This race took the lives of 15 sailors.

500 Days Around the World on a 12-Foot Yacht

This interesting read is about a man by the name of Serge Testa. He built his own sailboat. The sailboat measured less than 12 feet. He got the great idea of travelling around the world in this homemade vessel. This book is quite humorous in nature.

The Proving Ground

This book is based around the Sydney Hobart Race. One hundred and fifteen boats participated in this 630-mile race. It took place in the waters of Australia in 1988. Only 43 boats finished the race. The race was classed as the worst sailing disaster. This modern sailing disaster took place after the 1979 Fastnet Race. One of the participants, a billionaire, Larry Ellison was so shaken by the event, he will never participate in it again.

Classic Classes

This book includes all 44 Olympic Classes and 144 boats from across the world are showcased. The boats range from the 125 foot J Class down to the 7 foot Optimist. The history and origin of each class are covered. It also covers the 2012 Olympic classes, 46 in total.

Eileen Ramsay: Queen of Yachting Photography

Eileen Ramsay was one of the greatest yachting photographers during the period between 1957 and 1970. She was known for her famous portraits of Sir Francis Chichester, a sailing Icon. Eileen was the only photographer he allowed on his yachts. This book covers the growth of sail during the post-war years.

Sailing For Dummies

In this book, you will learn the basics of sailing. It also contains information about the different types of sailboats and understanding their basic parts. You will learn everything you need to know before you leave the shore. The book is written by 2 U.S. sailing champions. They cover topics like correct life jacket use to reading charts, using a compass, plotting your course and how to find where you are at sea.

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