Sailing, Motorboats, and Cruise Ship Books

If you want to know more about an exciting way that you can enjoy the water then you have come to the right site. We are all about boats, sailboats and cruise ships with a specific focus being put on books that are dedicated to these. Some of the exciting topics you are going to read about here include:


If sailing is of interest to you then the post we have here about good reads on this subject is going to appeal to you. Then again if you are not quite sure sailing is for you the books that we have listed just might change your mind. There is a variety to choose from but these are just a few examples.


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Carribean Cruises

When one thinks about a cruise the first thought that may come to mind is those that mean a trip to the Carribean. The post here will be most interesting for those who are looking at this type of cruise.

Cruise Ships

If you want to expand your knowledge about cruise ships in general then be sure to read the post we have here that suggests some good reads.

Value of Books

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This site can be used as an excellent resource for those who are interested in specific boating activities. There is lots of information here that focuses on sailboats and cruise ships and boats in general such as the motor boats.