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John and Davey chose to sell change their lives forever. Together they pursued a common belief in free will and high-spirited adventure aboard their 34-foot sailboat, Querencia by sailing away.

The journey, which winds its way from North America to the South Pacific and Hawai´i, was chronicled and published on the Web where it received an overwhelming response. Thanks to the encouragement of thousands of readers, it became one of the first books to go from screen to print, then a second printing, and now has even returned to the screen as an ePub option for the iBookstore™.

Not just a sea story, Sailing the Dream is a metaphysical pilgrimage as well, encouraging the reader to join in and take a second look at the values that steer their own lives. It's also a tale of passion and adventure. John and Davey, share their secrets for fulfillment; how to sail your dream.

384 Pages, 56 B/W Pictures

6X9 Soft Color Cover

What other readers have said:

"There are lots and lots of people who keep logs and tell homey stories having to do with sea voyages.
By no means all of them with the same charm exhibited in this book..."
--William F. Buckley, Jr., Editor, National Review

"This is not just a book about sailing; it's a love story!"
--Jeanne Wallace

"very much enjoying... met an artist and sailor here who is a fan of Sailing the Dream's everywhere!"
--Jim T., Cape Cod, September 1, 2011

"I really like this book. The writing style is excellent...
very approachable, with lots of interesting facts and details..."
--C. Reynolds, August 29, 2011

"I would be grateful if you could inscribe your book ... many thanks!"
--SV Eden, Ireland, August 13, 2011

"Happy sailing"
--Robbie Dingeman, Honolulu Advertiser, April 2010

"it is such a great book and the way he has written it makes one feel like they are experiencing the adventure. Fabulous!"
--BJ, Kailua, HI, April 2010

"Really enjoyed your book. Now I'm getting my wife to read it!"
--James, Ala Wai Harbor Office, Feb 2010

"It made a lasting impression and likely will make you want to follow in the author's footsteps. He is a funny and very informative writer. If you like sailing stories you can't go wrong with this book."
--B. Willis, Canada, April 2008

"...pushed all the right buttons in my brain and now I am a full time live aboard getting ready to go cruising!"
--Philip M., S/V Molly Brown, Maryland, July 2007

"Great read, very well written, better than most of these types of book I have read. ... I would recommend it for the sailor or dirt dweller alike. "
--T. Meehan, Honolulu, May 2007

"I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Sailing the Dream on my uncle's bookshelf in Fiji.
He had just finished a circumnavigation aboard Yacht Tau and was joining Barbra and me in Suva for our wedding. I mentioned our friendship and how much I liked the book, and he said it was one of the best sailing books ever!"
--Jayson Harper, Creative Director, Honolulu Magazine, April 2007

"What a great book. I wish there were more sailing books out there where people go on a long sailing trip, have a good time, and return in one piece."
--M. Bennett, UT, February 2007

"Very wonderful experience, I was sad to turn the final page."
--Adrian Pasdar, Actor (Heroes, Top Gun, Desperate Housewives), Director (Cement), May 2006

"The pageturner is the relationship you develop as you see yourself more and more sailing your own dream."
--F. Brody, CA, April 2006

"Loved the book...Made me begin to look at my current life in a different light."
--L. G. Gillis, FL, March 2006

"....their story brings the armchair sailor as close as possible"
--Bill Boyher, TX, February 2006

"Thank you for reminding me... that I have a dream.... It inspires me to live my life. "
--D. J. Tamayo, NJ, December 25, 2005

"....I enjoyed the story very much because, philosophy aside, John really takes you inside of what such a journey entails. "
--Neil H. Blavin, dentist, MI, December 2005

"My favorite book. If you're into sailing, stories of people against the odds, and self discovery, this is the book for you. "
--ajcorc, Kailua, HI

"...I've read it [Sailing the Dream] about seven times ....such an inspiring novel. I love this book!!!!"
--Tracy S., Brookston, IN, July 2004

"...this is an inspiring and informative book."
--Curtis L. Harris, Woodbine, MD, May 2003
Author of Ending Entrenched Power

"Great book. My whole squadron read it during deployment to Afghanistan."
-- Lt. G. P., member of the VP-9 "Golden Eagles," "Operation Enduring Freedom"
Star Bulletin Online with Dave Donnelly, January 2002

" ... well written, easy to follow, and informative.
If you're a wan'na be cruiser, this book can get your blood pumping. "
--Don Boone, Book Review, 48 North, August 2001

"Your book is wonderful."
--Walter Pitman, senior scientist, marine geologist, Columbia University,
Author of Noah's Flood

" ...just re-read Sailing the Dream and liked it even better the third time! "
--Greig Trowbridge, Palm Springs, CA

" The book has a deeper message about life, and from the response of readers, 'People are getting the message... "
--Taylor Fielding, Staff, Standard Examiner, UT
Online Review

"Your first book communicates with all senses."
--Pat Royce, Author of Sailing Illustrated

"I've had many enjoyable late-evening hours reading..."
--Hal Holbrook, Actor, Sailor

"But it's really about making a life, about what some people call 'living deliberately.'"
--Ann M. Sato, Editor, Honolulu Advertiser
Online Review

"This book works because the reader comes to like the people in it.
It's a charming journey, even for those who prefer H-1 at rush hour to throwing themselves on the mercy of the sea in a small yacht."
--John Heckathorn, Editor, Honolulu Magazine

"McGrady's mood is as sunny as the Hawaiian Islands...
...his philosophy as expansive as the ocean surrounding those islands"

--B. McMichael, Book Critic, Bremerton Sun

" antidote to the Six O'clock News"
--Andy H., Boston, MA

"...definitely one of the best sailing books we have read to date. It was very informative, entertaining and written so well that we both thought we were living the adventure with you. I recommend your book to sailors and landlubbers a like"
--Randy J. W., Boonton Township, NJ

"A truly great read. One of the best cruising tales I've come across."
--Doug M., Santa Cruz, CA

"I just finished reading your book and now I can't sleep!
Thanks...for the best read I've ever had!"

--Nancy F., Canton, OH

"My husband read your book before me and kept telling me how much I was going to like it.
He was so right. I just finished reading it last night and was sad to turn the last page."

--Joanne A., R.N., MUSC

"A wonderful escape! Nicely done!"
--Dr. Pat Hogan, Seattle, WA

"Thank you for a wonderful experience."
--Bryan A., Ennis, TX

"I found it entertaining and a great read... from syntax to spirituality."
--Dr. William Bethel, Renton, WA

" It is such wonderful reading "
--Becky R., Univ. of Delaware

"Thanks... for giving me something more than a 'nice house with a white fence and a lawn to mow once a week' to look forward to."
--Jon H., DePere, WI

" Never before has a book given me so many chills down my spine because I felt exactly what you were talking about."
--Gretchen S., Meriden, CT

" Your narrative has given me an inspiration to pursue a life outside of modern day hustle and bustle... to really enjoy what life and nature has to offer."
--Chad H., Farmville, VA

" It has been an imaginary haven for me to come home and read a chapter after toiling at my daily job "
--Denny E., Phoenix, AZ

" I started last evening and could not put it down."
--Anthony Y., Winston-Salem, NC

" ...a great book and wonderful message."
--Dr. Sherwin Shinn, Seattle, WA
Author of Confessions of a Modern Dentist
2003 Winner of the Jefferson Award for Public Service

" Reading your story was a great way to escape the rat race."
--Hans M., University of Colorado

"Thanks for sharing your extraordinary experience and your philosophy for living. I felt as if I was on board Querencia with you."
--Bob H., Bowling Green State University

"While my employer would be aghast to hear me say this, the account of your voyage has held my attention between meetings for the past three days."
--Ray K., Chesapeake Bay, MA

"The power of the ocean, and our own timidity are clearly conveyed."
--Marcos G., Argentina

"What a wonderful book! I sat in the sun over the weekend and read the whole thing... your words give me new strength to continue my battle against the norm."
--Pete E., Prague

"It's been very inspirational for me and it's allowed me to get through more than a few periods at work when I didn't feel much like working!"
--Mitch T., Tampa, FL

" husband drives and I read. We have long discussions about all sorts of things you talk about .. we feel like we are there with you..."
--Melinda S., Crown Point, IN

" ...a very well written story; gave me that extra encouragement to say to myself, 'See? It is possible to live your dreams.' "
--Dwight P., Atlanta, GA

"Your chronicles have brought me to laughter and brought me to tears."
--Wanda M., San Francisco, CA

" you express, very eloquently, the feeling of oneness with nature and the fragility of our lovely little planet."
--Vasilis R., Greece

" ...truly outstanding... I think I have the motivation now to follow a dream I always had."
--Chucko, Key West, FL

"I just found Sailing the Dream after a long night of agonizing over what I want to do with my life. Your words have already aided my liberation."
--Michael C., Los Angeles, CA

"I read your book for the third time this year. You're a damn good writer and I would probably read anything you wrote."
--John P., Baton Rouge, LA

"I've re-read your book many times and each time I think of new things to ask."
-- Rick B., Mineapolis, MN

"What a fantastic and inspiring story!"
--Karl V., Seattle, WA

"It could have been three books."
--Greg B., Tallahasse, FL

"It's a very heavy book."
--Alex W., Age 3, Bremerton, WA

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