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                                  --by Dr. John F. McGrady

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The sailing classic about living your life deliberately!

A great sailing autobiography, in its scope and prose…
as fresh today as when it first appeared.
The quality of the paperback, from the paper to the ink is excellent;
as if it was written yesterday.

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Sailing The Dream - John F. McGrady

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About Sailing the Dream

If you enjoy stories of bluewater sailing whether a hardened skipper or an armchair sailor, or sometimes dream of sailing away, this sea tale is surely to be enjoyed; cruising the Pacific aboard Querencia. Enjoy the author’s stories of sailing the San Juan Islands, Canada, the West Coast of North America, a 40 day passage into Polynesia, the Marquesas, living off the hook in Bora Bora lagoon and cruising Hawai‘i… and yet, this is just part of this popular sailing biography.

Sailing the Dream touches on the metaphysics of sailing, life philosophy, living life deliberately, Polynesian history, and is full of anecdotal tales. Complete with a full sailing glossary and index. It’s a valuable sailing guide as well… and belongs on every yachtsman's bookshelf. Or if you're looking for an adventure book to light a fire underneath you to get on with IT, you’ll find it here.


Querencia Keeps on Sailing - Photos

Read about the crew of Querencia and the Rainbow Warrior celebrating
anchorage together in San Francisco Bay in Sailing the Dream

A timeless cruising adventure to be enjoyed for generations to come.
Listed on the "The Greatest Sailing Stories every Told" by Christopher Caswell, 2004.

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Sailing the Dream, a nonfiction best seller in Hawai'i in 2000
(facts, real events, real people, a biography, and Polynesian history)
continues to climb in sales nationally and internationally.

Second Printing February 2009 | Third Edition June 2010 (EPUB)

Kindle Edition July 2013

Perhaps more importantly
this best-selling book encourages people to sail their life dream!

Sailing The Dream - John F. McGrady
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